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Since 2006 from the owners of Authentic gems, 92.5 silver.

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Today, is one of the fastest growing gemstone jewelry manufacturers crafting master pieces for worldwide distribution from its home in Jaipur. mission is to create jewelry that is both exquisite and exclusive, employ master craftsman and continue to use state of art technology. expertise caters to retailers, wholesale, online resellers and eBay resellers worldwide.  Among buyers, is respected for its fine quality and variety of gemstones with attractive pricing. We offer biggest variety of gemstones and designs in the industry. Have a look to believe us.

Larvikite Black Moonstone Blue Scheelite Blue Fire Labradorite Mexican Bird Eye
Black Tourmaline Rough Silver Leaf Lapis Meteorite Campo Del Cielo
Malachite Orange Scolecite Dentrite Opal Moss Agate
Faceted Dendrite Opal Rose Quartz Boulder Azurite In Malachite Selenite
Black Onyx Multi Fire Labradorite Amethyst Lace Agate Spectrolite Labradorite
Ready Stock Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendants
Faceted Ethiopian Opal Ethiopian Opal Australian Opal  
SUPER 7 / Cacoxenite Faceted Cacoxenite Cacoxenite Slice Ammolite
Blue Fire Moonstone Rainbow Moonstone Rough Larimar Spectrolite Labradorite
Dentrite Opal Faceted Dendrite Opal Moonstone Buddha Faceted Moonstone
Blue Fire Labradorite Carved Labradorite Faceted Labradorite Chalama Black Opal
Multi Fire Labradorite Labradorite Buddha Purple Fire Labradorite Golden Labradorite
Designer Pendant Labradorite Rough Pietersite Cab Pietersite
Boulder Azurite In Malachite Blue Scheelite Mystic Merlinite Crystal Graveyard Plume Agate
Sterling Opal Yellow Lace Agate Wow Natural Quartz Druzy Golden Rutile Rough
Natural Iranian Turquoise With Pyrite Wild Horse Natural White Topaz Imperial Topaz
Faceted Aquamarine Aquamarine Aquamarine Rough Chiastolite
Aqua Aura Quartz Titanium Aura Quartz Opal Aura Quartz Sunset Aura Quartz
Ruby Emerald Sapphire Blue Topaz
Laguna Lace Agate Lemon Topaz Crystal Smoky Quartz
Peridot Iolite Ruby in Fuchsite Ruby Zosite
Mexican Bird Eye Mexican Fire Agate Mexican Opal Garnet Star
Garnet Cabachone Faceted Garnet Faceted Hessonite Garnet Hessonite Garnet Cabachone
Moldavite Cabochon Moldavite Faceted Moldavite Sonora Sunset
Faceted Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst Lace Agate Amethyst Rough
Amethyst Stalactites Cluster Amethyst Amethyst Cylinder Heart Amethyst Druzy
Amethyst Cluster Uruguay Lapis Druzy Lapis Larvikite Black Moonstone
Faceted Black Onyx Black Onyx    Black Onyx Druzy Nuummite
Black Banded Agate Faceted Bended Agate Black Tourmaline Rough Natural African Ruby
Orange Scolecite Paraiba Chalcedony Srilankan Moonstone Pyrite In Agate
Kyanite Cabochon Carved Multi Fluorite Imperial Jasper Slice Smoky Quartz Cab
Faceted Tourmaline Honey Quartz Strawberry Quartz Neon Blue Apatite
Russian Dentrite Psilomelane Dendrite German Scenic Dendritic Agate Tiffany Jasper
Blue Sun Star Brown Sun Star Black Sun gemstone Sunstone
Black Star Indonesian Bumble Bee Amzonite Australian Prehnite
Faceted Kyanite Faceted Teal Blue Kyanite Faceted Green Kyanite Kyanite
Green Amethyst Green Kyanite Rough Orange Kyanite Rough Rainbow Aura Kyanite
Cabochon Iolite Malachite Malachite in Chrysocolla Malachite Rough
Green Rutile In Quartz Malachite in Azurite Azurite Azurite Druzy
Shungite Silicon Muonionalusta Meteorite Sweden Meteorite Campo Del Cielo
Seraphinite Golden Seraphinite Astrophyllite Cabachone Astrophyllite
Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise Green Mohave Tq. Blue Mohave Tq. Purple Mohave Tq.
Blue Copper Tq. Green Copper Tq. Purple Copper Tq. Red Copper Tq.
Arizona Turquoise Turquoise Black Copper Rose De France Amethyst
Citrine Citrine Cabachone Citrine Rough Citrine Druzy
Baltic Amber Faceted Baltic Amber Amber Red Tiger Eye Rough
Lake Superior Agate Variscite Coquina Jasper Blood gemstone
Rose Quartz Faceted Rose Quartz Rose Quartz Rough Morganite Rough
Faceted Morganite Pink Tourmaline Rough Ametrine Ametrine Cabachone
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite Stalactites Rhodonite Cinnabar
Tiger Eye Red Tiger Eye Blue Tiger Eye Iron Tiger Eye
Green Amethyst Rough Grape Agate Crystal Arrow Peruvian Blue Opal
Moss Agate Faceted Moss Agate Moss Agate in White Quartz Mtorolite Emerald Chrysoprase
Nafed Jade Antigorite Green Aventurine Green Onyx
Faceted Green Fluorite Green Fluorite Pyrite in Magnetite Charoite
Boulder Opal Boulder Chrysoprase Chrysoprase Chrome Diopside
Celestial Red Geode Druzy Fleence Pink Aura Druzy Marine Blue Aura Druzy Green Aura Druzy
Titanium Aura Druzy Angel Aura Druzy Golden Window Druzy Platinium Window Druzy
Titanium Druzy Silver Window Druzy Copper Window Druzy Pink Petalite
Pink Window Druzy Cobalt Druzy Carved Window Druzy Agate Druzy
Stichtite K2 Blue (Azurite in Quartz) Geode Druzy Ethiopian Opal In Sodalite
Kambaba Ocean Jasper Prehnite Prehnite Slice Boulder Prehnite
Snowflakes Mother Of Pearl Psilomelane Chrysanthemum
Yellow Septarian Aquaprase Sodolite Australian Dendritic Opal
Faceted Peruvian Blue Opal Tube Agate Larimar Slice Dioptase Crystal
Owyhee Opal Serpentine Opalite Vanadinite Crystal Aragonite Crystal Star
Orange Sodalite Prehnite Druzy Chrysocolla Peru Pink Tourmaline in Quartz
Herkimer Diamond Kunzite Cabachone Bismuth Crystal Cherry Creek
Peanut Wood Epidote in Quartz Black Matrix Opal Schalenblende
Stromatolite Fossil Mystic Topaz Tanzanite Tanzanite Rough
Candy Aragonite Natural Solar Quartz Eye Indonesian Fossil Coral Hypersthene
Native Michigan Splash Copper Copper Nuggets Rainbow Pyrite Druzy Smithsonite
Blue Lace Agate Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Nellite Slice Agate
Solar Quartz Pearl Unakite Lodolite
Australian Pink Opal Seam Agate Biwa Sun Pyrite
Shattuckite Sugilite Dragon Stone Orange Calcite
Variscite in Purpurite Velvet Obsidian Obsidian Eye Vivianite
Apophyllite Fuchsite Cavansite Crystal Staurolite
Pilbara Jasper Faceted Pilbara Jasper Ocean Jasper Ethiopian Opal In Quartz
Imperial Jasper Paraiba Blue Kyanite Botswana Agate Faceted Laguna Lace
Multi Fluorite Faceted Multi Fluorite Carnelian Faceted Carnelian
Black Tourmaline In Quartz Faceted Black Rutile Golden Rutile Faceted Golden Rutile
Pink Opal Pink Aragonite Blue Aragonite Libyan Desert Glass
Rhyolite Montana Agate Rainbow Calsilica Selenite
Angelite Angelite Slice Blue John Purpurite
Aqua Chalcedony Faceted Aqua Chalcedony Blue Chalcedony Dichoric Glass
American Turquoise Dinosaur Pyrolusite Edulite
Scolecite Volcanic Cotton Petrified Wood Sponges Coral
Noreena Brecciated Mookite Mookite White Howlite
Graphic Jasper Polka Dots Dalmatian Turtella Jasper
Mahogany Black Sheen Silver Leaf Goldy
Star Galaxy Red Jasper Zebra Jasper Graviour Point
Picture Jasper Bruno Jasper Hematite Leopard Skin
Stromatolite Fossils Picaso Jasper Pioneer Wood Bronzite
Lavender Jade Lepidolite Faceted Hematite Tourmaline Slice
Snack Quartz Mirchi God Hand Painted Silver Jewelry Candylite